Artist Development

Are you a young, new female artist, singer-songwriter and/or musician wanting to be in music? Or maybe you’re the parent?

Welcome to Nashville Treehouse Music

We are a community of award-winning and Grammy-nominated female music industry professionals showing our support, lending our expertise and experience, sharing insight, and passing on firsthand knowledge of ever-changing music industry dynamics in an effort to provide upcoming young female artists with key foundational tools and strategies for holistic and sustainable success.

Why help young female artists?

Through personal experience and hearing all too many stories, we know full well how abusive and devastating the “machine of the music industry” can be — especially for women.

Instead of newcomers being taken advantage of in the early years, we want to take advantage of the opportunity to help them have a different experience from day one! There are plenty of “dues to pay” along the way — without adding costly mistakes to the pile.

We’re here to help you communicate your calling and heart as an artist. We want to help you find the platinum inside you and shine light on what makes you unique, so that you can be a stand-out artist in a cookie-cutter world.

It is often difficult for female newcomers to have their voice heard in the artistic process in a male-dominated industry. We’re not here to tell you “who you are” as an artist or what genre you should pursue. We are here to help you discover and define those things for yourself.  We’ve brought back the lost art of true Artist Development: the deep work of becoming a stand-out artist with professionals helping you along the way.

Only 20% of songwriters are women


Why is Artist Development needed?


In the past, record labels developed artists for months, sometimes years, before making their debut CD, but times have changed. Labels now expect artists to develop themselves.

You have to know your sound and message, and figure out branding, marketing, promotion, touring, website, design, booking, and more… all on your own.  Many artists attempt to learn these things by trial and error, discovering what works and what doesn’t, hoping for a lucky break. In rare cases, they find it. More often than not, they get overwhelmed and exhausted by these costly and time-consuming endeavors, most of which fall outside their skill set — so they quit.

Many artists (and their parents) assume that development is a waste of time and money. They don’t recognize its value and they assume they’ll easily be able to figure it out as they go. The stats and stories prove otherwise.

We know it can feel far more exciting to blindly follow your dream and figure the details out along the way than it does to invest on the front-end in what makes you different from the countless others also pursuing careers in music — and in how to set yourself not only apart but on a path to sustainable success. 

But here’s the truth: You are going to “pay it somewhere,” as they say. So why not pay it up-front and get some much-needed professional insight and answers before jumping at an opportunity to make a CD, sign a contract, or move to Nashville? 

Artist Development is a crucial first step for any new artist. It’s an investment into yourself, your dream, and your future — one that will yield returns for a lifetime.

Artist Development Summary

Has someone already offered to record you?

Many times a producer or someone in the music industry hears a great voice and pitches the idea of making a record.

While this can sound really great and be unbelievably flattering, simply inserting your voice into a pre-fab unoriginal track doesn’t lead you to becoming a stand-out artist. Making a record in a studio used to be a solid way to start. But with all the changes over the last 10 years or so, you basically walk away with a very expensive business card, instead of the giant leap into your dream that you imagined it would be.


Why is making a CD as the first step a bad idea?

While it sounds like the right thing to do, it’s actually a major pitfall. Anyone can make a record. People do it all the time in their bedrooms. If you make a CD, who’s going to buy it or share about it? Maybe Grandma and Grandpa, certainly your parents, and surely friends who know and love you will. It’s great to have this support system in place, but it leaves you no further along in standing out among the thousands of other artists pushing their music online or trying to get a publishing deal.

In order to set yourself apart, you need to start with the hard work of discovering who you are. Your original sound and what makes you unique is the key to standing out among the sea of artists clamoring for a shot at their music dream. In the instant success world of reality TV and YouTube, it may be disappointing to hear that you’re probably not going to be an overnight success — but it’s the truth. Most of the overnight successes you hear about have actually been working hard on their craft for years, you just didn’t hear about them. Very few people are actual overnight sensations. 

Taking the time to develop may not sound as fun, but it’s absolutely worth it before making a record, signing a deal, or moving to Nashville or LA to pursue your dream. Development is crucial — not for becoming an overnight sensation, but for sustainable, healthy success.


What makes us stand out? 

We are women {professional publishers, managers, recording artists, songwriters, A&R, musicians, and producers} who have made and are still making a living in music for over 25 years. That’s rare. (And if news of its rarity comes as a shock or seems like no big deal, well, that’s just another reason you should talk to us.)

What we offer?

We offer a holistic approach to Artist dDevelopment for young female artists, singer-songwriters, and musicians. Everything begins with our  3 Day Artist Consulting.