"December" by Kim Keyes

Kick Off December 1st with this fun new song performed by Kim Keyes 

From the deep south comes deep soul. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, singer/songwriter, Kim Keyes immersed herself in the rhythm & blues that surrounded her youth. Her older brothers listened to rock & her dad loved the country classics. These influences gave birth to an eclectic vocal style that has landed her on a long list of recordings and tours covering almost every genre of music. After high school, she moved to Nashville and began singing with local bands, on songwriter’s demos and radio/ tv jingles. Her biggest break came when she was invited to audition for Amy Grant’s “House of Love” tour in 1994. This would be the beginning of a touring career that would later include Billy Joel, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, Peter Cetera, Vince Gill & Jewel among others.