"December" by Kim Keyes

Kick Off December 1st with this fun new song performed by Kim Keyes 

From the deep south comes deep soul. Born in Jackson, Mississippi, singer/songwriter, Kim Keyes immersed herself in the rhythm & blues that surrounded her youth. Her older brothers listened to rock & her dad loved the country classics. These influences gave birth to an eclectic vocal style that has landed her on a long list of recordings and tours covering almost every genre of music. After high school, she moved to Nashville and began singing with local bands, on songwriter’s demos and radio/ tv jingles. Her biggest break came when she was invited to audition for Amy Grant’s “House of Love” tour in 1994. This would be the beginning of a touring career that would later include Billy Joel, Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, Peter Cetera, Vince Gill & Jewel among others.

The Boymama Weekend Experience

Our events are for ANY mom of a boy whether single, divorced, married (some who operate as a single parent due to a myriad of circumstances) or  widowed.  Many of the moms who have attended our weekend have told us that it’s the only safe place they’ve been able to be honest about their own parenting inadequacies and failures, as well as a place where they’ve learned some ways to be a healthier BoyMama.

I’d love to ask you to watch this 10 min video of one of my favorite BoyMamas, Paige Cotton, as she shares how the weekend changed the course of her relationship with her son, Will.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a monumental weekend in the life of another Mom and would love for you to consider joining us in October at The Nashville Treehouse.

Boymama Testimonal

BoyMama weekend was encouraging, empowering and FUN!! Kim and Paulette are the "Queens of Nashville Hospitality!!” You will feel loved and connected the moment you walk into the door. They create a warm, beautiful environment, cook delicious food, share their love of story, music, and laughter.

For me, the weekend away energized me to “begin again” with my boys. I realized that I was living as a distracted, disconnected, and sometimes angry mom when it came to really understanding my boys who were 8 and 12yo- emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Most days,  I felt out-numbered and left out when my husband and 2 boys were together.  Listening to Kim share about her relationship with her boys and the unique connection each of them had with her- was encouraging and real. She didn’t "sugar coat” her motherhood journey, but she did provide wisdom, humor and practical advice- which I was "drinking in”- for my parched heart longed to connect deeply!  

I also loved the session with David Thomas (counselor, author, speaker) who empowered me when he shared that mothers play a VITAL role in the lives of her son- he said that "providing a solid and affectionate relationship with your son gives him the platform of emotional intimacy, relational empathy, and sensitivity he needs to develop mature and secure relationships as an adult." Hearing his words, shifted my perspective from “no role” to a VITAL one- a life-giving one. My presence, my hugs, my driving them all over town to their sporting events, etc- these are the unique roles I have been given as his mom.

I absolutely LOVE being a BoyMama and encourage any mom of a son to attend a BoyMama event if they can. It is an investment that I am so glad that I made a couple of years ago and I am experiencing the benefits today of living intentionally with my two “Wild Things.”

Edie Oakley, RN, BSN, MA
Duke certified Integrative Health coach


Are you a mom of a boy? or boys?  Find it difficult to parent and connect? Maybe he's growing up and separating from you?  It's painful but you're not alone.  Boymama Weekend is designed with moms in mind.  Our host, Kim Hill, has been a boymama for 23 years.  She understands the hardships that come along with the victories raising lions.

Join us for a weekend getaway in the beautiful countryside of Franklin, TN to learn and let down.  Let us pamper you and share our stories that will encourage you and let you know your are not along in your parenting journey.

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