Artist Weekend for Girls & Their Moms
to Nov 6

Artist Weekend for Girls & Their Moms

Artist Development Weekend for Girls & Their Moms

Dates: Friday, November 4th - Sunday, November 6th

Location: Nashville, TN • Blue Room Studio Moraine Music in the heart of Berry Hill, dubbed “The new Music Row”

Do you have a daughter who wants to be in the music business? Do you want to be an artist but your mom and dad don’t understand?

Like many outside of Nashville, you may have questions and concerns as a parent on how to help your daughter, the young singer, who wants to know how to get in the music business? Does she have what it takes or is this a pipe dream?

We have designed an Artist Development weekend for girls and their moms. We remember how it feels to live outside of Nashville without access to the “inside scoop”, with a myriad of questions and limited knowledge about how to pursue a career in music. We know it’s important for parents and their daughters to know and understand as much as possible in order to make decisions and move forward.

The Nashville Treehouse Artist Development Weekend for Girls and Their Moms is an intensive weekend designed with workshops to educate, train and coach both Moms and young female singers and songwriters. The “up close and personal”weekend in Nashville will help you and your daughter understand the basics of the music industry and the “next step" in realizing your dream of being an artist or songwriter.

Presented by Grammy nominated, veteran Dove award winning artist Kim Hill along with “in-demand” session and touring vocalist, Kim Keyes (Amy Grant, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban) and hit songwriter, touring and studio musician, Paulette Wooten (Jesus Culture, Rita Springer) held at Grammy winning engineer, producer Brent Maher (The Judds, SHEL) studio in Nashville.

Misty Jones, Rick Elias, Lori Loving, Keith Compton, and more music industry professionals. We're excited to highlight them on our Treehouse Music blog over the next few months.

Like many young girls, maybe you’ve stood in line with thousands to audition for American Idol only to leave feeling disappointed and disillusioned that you weren’t chosen. We’d like to propose a different option and invite you to come to Nashville Treehouse where you’ll get honest and realistic feedback from music industry professionals. We aren’t as harsh as Simon, but we’ll give you a true reality of what you'll face trying to enter into the music industry.

Space is very limited because of the intensity, detailed information and real “one-on-one consulting” that you’ll receive. This weekend will help define your dream and the reality that surrounds it.

The weekend will include two tracks:

One for the artist/singer-songwriter and the other for mom and/or guardian, as well as combine sessions.

Parent Session Highlights:

Lead by Treehouse co-founder, Grammy nominated recording artist for 28 years, Kim Hill along with many of her expert/professional friends.

  • Honest Conversations with Kim about the challenge of supporting your daughter as a parent and the perils of being a“Mom”-ager, or “stage mom”. Kim not only learned from her own journey but also has experience as a mom of two very successful sons in college football at the highest level and another as a national recording artist and hit songwriter.
  • Artist Management
  • Publishing
  • Record labels vs Indie Artist

Artist + Singer-Songwriter Session Highlights:

Lead by Treehouse co-founder, producer, programmer, musician and composer, Paulette Wooten and Kim Keyes along with professionals in specific areas of focus.

  • Songwriting
  • Vocal Coaching   
  • Recording
  • Programming
  • Piano/Guitar
  • Song critiques

Combined Sessions with professionals:

  • Recording in the Studio
  • Stage Performance
  • Production
  • Why social media and branding is as important as song choice and performance
  • Make-up, image and style

APPLY NOW * Limited to only 8 girls

Must be 14 years old to apply.

To apply, fill out the artist and mom "co-application" and return to us.  We will contact you within 1-2 business days with more info and the next step in your musical journey.

Artist Name *
Artist Name
Artist Age
Artist Age
Mom's Name
Mom's Name
Tell us about yourself, why you would like to become a singer/songwriter or artist and questions you have about the music industry.
Tell us about yourself, why you think your daughter should become a singer/songwriter or artist and questions you have about the music industry.




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